Kase Stile (guitarist, vocalist, bassist, and songwriter) is the
driving force behind the band Gravity’s Rainbow. He grew up, in a prototypical
suburban existence, with its idyllic youth and rebellious teen years. After a
stint at Berklee College Of Music, Kase regrouped and worked a variety of low
paying jobs, then attended Bard College. At Bard, Kase vacillated between
majors in philosophy and music. Kase was in a number of short lived, but ahead
of their time bands, which are listed below in chronological order.

Kase’s first stint as a guitarist was in Looney Groove, which was a band that
blended rock, metal and rap in a funky package. The drummer for Looney Groove,
was none other than Sebastian Thomson of Trans Am fame. The bass player Albert
was a natural musician who could play any style, from funk like flea to
scorching metal bass. The bassist wrote numerous songs and could rap, sing and
play drums. The singer was the essence of a front man with the look, the sound
and the stage presence. Looney groove later reformed as an instrumental
traditional-esque funk band.

The next band Kase joined was Moneyshot, a straight-ahead no holds barred rock
band, but alas money shot was not to be. Moneyshot slowly morphed into the
progressive/metal/classic rock band Q.

Q rocked the area and rocked it hard playing some of the biggest clubs on the
metal circuit in the area. However when Q approached the realm of a rush
tribute band, Kase decided to break up the band. As an aside the lead singer of
Q went on to form the outstanding rush tribute band Hemispheres. Kase regrouped
and reconnected with his original voice. His musical creativity and guitar
prowess continues to astound. When Kase found the drummer/percussionist J.P.
voila; Gravity’s Rainbow The Band was borne.

J.P. Drums & Percussion - Bio Pending


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